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Our production sites, a part of history, a vision of the future

The Fromagerie biologique de Vielsam [Vielsalm organic Dairy]

The Fromagerie biologique de Vielsalm is a family story, and thus one of continued tradition, but also of passion and creation. This old, traditional dairy in local stone was restored and refurbished to preserve the authenticity of the building and the expertise it houses, but also to ensure a production quality that meets the current standards of production and the specifications of organic products.
Our organic certified cheeses are made there by the most competent specialists according to the traditional recipes of local cheesemakers, but also in accordance with the strictest rules of production.
The artisan’s talent is at each stage of production combined with cutting edge technological equipment in our ultramodern production site:  pasteurisation, pressing, shaping, brine, coating, ripening.
We can thus provide a range of cheeses that stem from a proud tradition, worthy of the local heritage, which are moreover synonymous with rigorous production and compliance with the most stringent criteria of consumers.

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ChèvrArdennes, Belgian leader in goat’s cheeses

Established in Nivelles, the production site of ChèvrArdennes originally developed in an experimental fashion in Bastogne, in the heart of the Ardennes.
Acquired by La Vache Bleue of the Loicq family, the dairy was relocated to Nivelles to benefit from the latest high-tech production equipment. This has enabled it to anticipate the growing demand, particularly from abroad, and to meet internationally recognized standards, such as IFS Food.
And yet, the best dairy goats are still selected – and their milk still pasteurised – in Vielsam, in the Ardennes, according to authentic local production methods. They guarantee the delicious taste of authentic local ChèvrArdennes cheeses, whilst stimulating creativity and innovation for goat’s cheese to meet the expectations of distributors and their customers.

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Le Campagnard, dairy industry artisans

Specialising in cheese production, the Loicq family has in addition to organic and goat’s cheeses, developed Le Campagnard, a production company for mass distribution and intermediaries to consumers, but also for other food companies in Belgium and other European countries. In operation for thirty years now, the Nivelles-based Campagnard has been supplying specialities such as the Chester in block, organic and non-organic spread, and thermised milk cheese spread  served on the side (for lasagne, pizzas, prepared dishes). Innovation also takes pride of place in this cutting edge company and Le Campagnard is expanding its activities to collective catering and dairy recipes to order, adapted for the industry and the tastes of the consumer.


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