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Fromagerie biologique de Vielsalm: Loicq’s triumph of taste

Created by the Loicq family, the Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm has for 35 years been dedicated to the best organic products because it has been nurtured in the heart of nature. Our dairy is located in Vielsalm, surrounded by grassy, varied meadows and the preserved waters of the Ardennes, where cows are bred according to the finest farming traditions.

Thanks to this ideal environment, the milk produced locally is of optimal quality with a unique taste, and used directly to make our organic cheeses. Each of our products meets the requirements of our distributors and their customers in search of authenticity.

We offer a wide range of organic, semi-hard, soft and smeared rind cheeses that serve as a perfect illustration of our taste culture and the expectations of the public. Some of our cheeses can be enjoyed in different forms such as slices, cubes or spread. The Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm’s wholesale and distribution partners have been able to count for years on expertise that makes the most of nature, its benefits and flavours, to guarantee the success of their sales.

Enter our world of cheeses with an authentic taste created by passionate artisans, from father to son, and you will soon come out convinced ambassadors.




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